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About the Cell Culture Facility

How to use the CCF

The Cell Culture Facility has three on-campus locations:

Paranssus Campus
513 Parnassus Avenue
Health Sciences East
10th floor, S1000, 415-476-1450

Hours Monday-Friday, 8-12 and 1-5.

Mission Bay Campus
Genentech Hall
2nd floor, S-212, 415-514-4284

Mission Bay Campus
Smith Cardiovascular Building
First Floor, Room 184, 415-514-1216

Hours Monday-Friday, 8-12, 1:30-5

Resale products availble at all three locations. Tissue culture service and cell banking are available at S1000 and Genentech locations only. Many resale products are in stock and ready for pickup or delivery at any time; other products are available within 24 or 48 hours. Availability is indicated on the website.

To use the CCF, researchers must open an account. Forms can be printed, filled out and FAXed to (415) 476-2086. Once an account is opened, any product or service is available on a recharge basis. The CCF is non-profit.

Orders for resale products and some services can be placed through this website or by calling the order desk. The CCF will deliver to your lab, making daily stops to Parnassus, Mission Bay, VAMC, SFGH, Mt. Zion, Davies Medical Center, CPMC, China Basin, MCB, Gladstone, and weekly stops to UCB, LBL, Gallo Institute, and Children’s Hospital of Oakland.

What the CCF offers

  • Thousands of resale products for molecular biology and biochemistry research. These are available at a discount, with no shipping and handling or dry ice charges. Online product catalog.

  • Expert tissue culture consultation and service.

  • Cell banking service. Store all or part of your master or working stocks with us.

  • High quality media, serum, and supplements for the growth of cells. Formulations for commonly used media, as well as the Certificate of Analysis for the “CCF brand” FBS are provided here. Custom Media can be prepared to your specifications. All media and components prepared by the CCF are subject to stringent quality control.

Our pledge to you

Our Mission is to provide the researchers at UCSF with exceptional service and support complemented by high quality media and supplies at the best possible price. Achieving these goals is only possible with a positive attitude, teamwork, open & honest communication and mutual respect.