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Cell Lines

Important! You must be an authorized user on a current CCF account to place an order. To open a new account, click on Forms. Please allow 3 to 5 days before your account is set up before placing an order. For questions, please contact us at CellOrders@ucsf.edu.

Customer Agreement - Scope of Use.

1. Cells obtained from the CCF are for research purposes only and are not intended for use in humans.

2. The purchaser is responsible for obtaining a current and appropriate BUA and CHR before ordering cells, as well as the pertinent training for the lab personnel who will be using the cells.

3. Unless authorized by the CCF, the cell lines and their progeny shall not be incorporated into any service or product for sale, or to be distributed to a third party.

4. Information contained on posted CCF Cell Lines is for reference only. Cells obtained from commercial sources and propagated at the CCF are not re-characterized upon passage. While all care and precautions are taken, cells may not be identical to their commercial counterparts.

5. If available, specific passage number and culturing conditions can be provided at the time of order.

How to find and order cells for your research:

1. Cell lines are listed under vendor "CCL" in the product catalog. Cell lines are generally shown in alphabetical order; scroll down or use the search tool to quickly find what you need. Not all available lines are listed! If you do not find what you are looking for, inquire via CellOrders@ucsf.edu. Check back as new lines are frequently added.

2. To request either a frozen vial or growing culture for pickup, please use the form "Request for Cell Recovery and Propagation" available at both S-1000 and Genentech S-212, as well as on Forms. Please fill out the sections in white and make sure to include a phone number in the event there are questions about your request.

3. To request a frozen vial, just use the CCF code shown in the product catalog, vendor is CCL.

4. For a flask of cells, you should first order a frozen vial as in step 3, then place a request for the cells to be plated. Thus, a growing flask will usually result in two charges. Please note: In some cases cells are only available as a growing flask - in that event the vial charge will be waived!

5. Specify the flask size you need, and any specific growing conditions, procedures or additions (e.g. G418, Growth Factors). Check the product catalog, vendor CCF, for current pricing:

CCFPA011 T-25 flask of growing cells, customer stock of purchased CCL vial.

CCFPA012 T-75 flask of growing cells, customer stock or purchased CCL vial

CCFPA013 T-150 flask of growing cells, customer stock or purchased CCL vial

6. The CCF will process your request expeditiously; most orders are filled within 24 to 48 hours, but there may be delays due to the time of receipt of your request, the volume of work on that day or the nature of your order. CCF will call you when your cultures are available for pickup. Please contact us with questions.